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To Trust Again: Healing Wounded Love

To Trust Again:

Healing Wounded Love

30 Days to Restoring Trust, Respect, and Abiding Love

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This book is for those who have fallen and those who have not fallen…yet. 
For the betrayer of trust and the betrayed. For the hurter and the hurt. It’s for those who, like the apostle Peter, have denied their Lord. For those who have breached the trust of friends and loved ones. It is for the pastor who has failed his congregation, and for church members who have failed their pastors. It’s for all who need restoration, and for the restorers.

When your trust has been broken by someone you love, the feelings of hurt and betrayal run deep. “I’ll never forgive you” and “I’ll never forget” are common reactions.

Sometimes those wounds take years to heal.

Sometimes we cling to our anger and our bitterness, even as they destroy us.

But there is hope.

With compassionate strength and gentle wisdom, Arthur Dixon shares how restoring trust and respect in relationships is possible.

To Trust Again sensitively charts a path through the experience of healing wounded hearts and freeing closed spirits, enabling an atmosphere of trust to be restored.

Whether spouse, friend, neighbour, child…renewal in your relationship with that person can begin today.

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