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This quotation gave us the name of our website. It is taken from Fra Lippo Lippi, a great epic poem by Robert Browning. It is the ramblings of the somewhat rebellious monk, Lippo Lippi, who yearns and strives to express, through his painterly, artistic bent, the importance of the world around us.

Faith is not a blind or mindless thing. God commands us to love him with all our mind, as well as with heart and soul and strength (Luke 10:27). Lippo Lippi added, “God uses us to help each other so,/ Lending our minds out.” There is meaning and purpose in everything God has made; in everything that happens to us and around us. To find and explore that meaning is the stuff of our human existence, and the illumination through which we glimpse the eternal purpose underlying it all.

The great writer G. K. Chesterton said, “Christianity has not been tried and found wanting; it has been found difficult and left untried.”

We want to try our faith to the very core, to the roots, because we know it will never be found wanting. God himself will never be found wanting.

Have you ever thought, or did you know, that Christianity is the only faith in which the great Deity of the faith constantly urges us to try him, to test him, to see if he is true to his Word, to his promises?

“Oh, taste and see that the Lord is good!” Psalm 34:8

“Come now, let us reason together,” says the Lord (Isaiah 1:18). Not, “Come, let us be warm and fuzzy together.”

We are to honour Christ the Lord as holy, always being prepared to make a defence to anyone who asks for a reason for the hope that is in us, with gentleness and respect (1 Peter 3:15).

The full poem Fra Lippo Lippi is quite a read, but well worth the investment of your time. You can find the full text here.


The fellow we have adopted as our avatar is a Galapagos blue-footed booby. These funny, silly, fabulously designed creatures have become our icon for the glory and the humour that our great Creator has lavished on his creation, seemingly for the sheer pleasure of it.

“But ask the beasts, and they will teach you;
the birds of the heavens, and they will tell you;
or the bushes of the earth, and they will teach you;
and the fish of the sea will declare to you.
Who among all these does not know
that the hand of the Lord has done this?
In his hand is the life of every living thing
and the breath of all mankind.”

Job 12:7-10

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